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Bramley Kids – The source of information on healthy eating and Bramley
apples for schools.

Eat in Colour
Eat in Colour – An exciting site to remind us what fun fruit and vegetables can be and help us all enjoy a healthy diet.

5 A Day
5 A Day – Top tips on how to make sure you get you your five-a-day.

Produced in Kent
Produced in Kent – A membership organisation dedicated to promoting local food, drink, products and services in Kent.

Rough Old Wife – Real cider, hand pressed traditional kent cider with no chemicals or preservatives from growth to glass

 BBC Food
BBC Food – Includes some great Bramley recipes, including some from famous TV chefs.

Delicious Magazine – Online home of the food lovers’ magazine.

Delia Online
Delia Online – An online cookery school that features videos, a variety of recipes and tips on how to cook popular dishes.

Phil Vickery website
Phil Vickery website – Features great British cooking recipes, a helpful blog and a special section on gluten-free cooking.

James Martin website
James Martin website – Shop for all your kitchen needs and find innovative recipes from former BBC Saturday Kitchen presenter.

Antony Worrall Thompson website
Antony Worrall Thompson website – Features seasonal recipes, information about his restaurants and various cook books.

Olive Magazine – Recipes, information on restaurants and travel as well as quick how-to videos.

Fresh Magazine
Fresh Magazine – Full of nutritional advice that will help you make the healthiest choices in all areas of life including recipes, reviews and interviews.

BBC Good Food
BBC Good Food – A great website for recipes and how-to videos as well as health and nutrition information.

Good Housekeeping
Good Housekeeping – Recipes, expert reviews and health information that have received the ‘seal of approval’.
Pomona Fruits – Garden Fruit specialists offering a comprehensive range of quality fruit trees, cane, vine and bush fruits for the home gardener by mail order.

Real Cider
The Real Cider Company – Championing the ‘Real’ Cider movement! Supporting cider producers, pubs, and cider fans. Providing information on the enjoyment of the traditional craft of ‘Real’ Cider.

Pick Up the Apples
Pick Up the Apples – The PickuptheApples website aims to provide assistance to apple growers, both commercial and hobbyists.
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