Bramley Apples - The Cook's Choice

Bramley Apples A-Z of Recipes

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Bramley Apple, Honey & Whisky Drizzle Cake

Turkish Lentil & Bramley Apple Soup

A Bramley Apple Pie

Adam Penney’s Bramley Apple Crumble

Antony Worrall Thompson’s Bramley Apple Pancakes with Pork Sausages

Antony Worrall Thompson’s Bramley Tarte Tatin

Apple And Ginger Tiramisu

Baked Bramley apples with cranberries and almonds

Baked Bramley Apples with Honey and Pecans

Baked Bramleys with dates, ginger & salted caramel sauce

Baked Chicken with Bramley Apples and Orange Glaze

Bangers And Bramley Mash

Beef and Bramley Meatballs

Bigos (Polish Hunters Stew)

Bramley & Sausage Kebabs

Bramley and Bacon Buttie

Bramley and Cinnamon Tiramisu

Bramley and Goat’s Cheese Tarts

Bramley and Maple Syrup Pancakes

Bramley and Walnut Scones

Bramley Apple & Calvados Soufflé

Bramley apple and blackberry crumble

Bramley Apple and Blackberry Pie

Bramley Apple and Cider Pudding

Bramley Apple and Cinnamon Crunch Cake

Bramley Apple and Feta Baked Peppers

Bramley Apple and Frangipane Tart

Bramley Apple and Marzipan Pies

Bramley Apple and Sticky Toffee Puds

Bramley Apple and Yoghurt Fool

Bramley Apple Crumble

Bramley Apple Crumble Ice Cream

Bramley apple mince pies with Viennese swirl topping

Bramley Apple Sauce

Bramley Apple Snow

Bramley Apple Waffle Sundae

Bramley Brioche Bake

Bramley Burgers with Apple Sauce

Bramley Chicken Kiev

Bramley Chocolate and Pecan Brownies

Bramley Fidget Pie

Bramley Rarebit

Bramley Tiramisu

Bramley, Cinnamon and Walnut Muffins

Bramley, Parsnip & Shropshire Blue Tart by Mary Graham

Caramelised Bramley apple, ginger and walnut chutney

Caribbean Sticky Spare Ribs

Chargrilled Chicken and Bramley Salad

Chicken and Bramley Apple Fajitas

Chicken and Bramley Apple Parcels

Chicken Pesto Penne

Chocolate and Bramley Apple Nests

Classic Bramley Apple Sauce/Compôte

Easy Bramley Apple and Sultana Teabread

Fergus Henderson’s Baked Bramley Apple

Frances Atkins’ Bramley Apple & Olive Oil Cake

Gareth Fulford’s Bramley apple pate

Gary Rhodes’ Nutty Bramley Apple Crumble

German Apple Cake

Ginger Baked Bramleys

Green Fish Curry with Coconut Milk and Bramley Apples

Gregg Wallace’s Baked Bramley Apple Dumplings

Heston Blumenthal’s Bramley apple sauce

Holly Bell’s Bramley apple and cinnamon crepe cake

Hot And Sour Noodles

Hot and Sour Pork

Ignacio Pinilla’s Fritters with Cane Honey, Bay Leaf Ice Cream & Cinnamon (from Copita del Mercado)

Indian Spiced Baked Apples

James Kay’s Assiette of Bramley

James Tanner’s Bramley Apple and Sultana Compote, Caramelised Puff Pastry Diamond and Clotted Cream

Jo Pratt’s Baked Bramley and Treacle Roly Poly

Jo Pratt’s Bramley Apple and Moroccan Meatball Tagine

Jo Pratt’s Bramley Apple, Caramel and Ginger Pies

Jo Pratt’s Bramley Apple, Potato and Ham Rösti

Jo Pratt’s Bramley Apple, Raspberry and Almond Crumble Tarts

Juicy Pork Patties with Spicy Bramley Apple Sauce

Lamb Dhansak

Lamb’s kidneys with Bramley Apple Mash

Little Bramley Tarts

Liz McClarnon’s Pork Chops Topped with Bramley Apple and Cheddar Cheese

Marcus Wareing’s Bramley Apple Cider Sauce

Mark Hix’s Pear and Bramley Apple Cobbler

Mark Hix’s Somerset Temperley Sour

Oaty Bramley Apple And Cranberry Stuffing

Oaty Bramley Crumble

Parsnip and Bramley Apple Soup

Paul Gayler’s Toffee Apple, Camembert and Blackberry Pudding

Phil Vickery’s Bramley Apple Cheesecake

Phil Vickery’s Bramley Apple Spiced Meringue Pie

Phil Vickery’s Chocolate and Caramel Bramley Apple Brioche

Phil Vickery’s Pot Roast Pork Belly with Bramley Apples and Celery

Phil Vickery’s Toffee Pecan Apple Crumbles

Phil Vickery’s Bramley Apple Flan

Phil Vickery’s Lancashire Cheese & Bramley Apple Pie

Phillip Burgess’ Bramley Apple Bread

Polish Apple and Orange Mazurka

Pork & Bramley Apple Jamaican Spiced Patties

Pork and Bramley Apple Sausage Roll

Pork and Bramley Bake

Potato, Bramley Apple, Herb and Tuna Frittata

Quick Bramley Apple and Rhubarb Trifle

Rich Bramley apple Christmas cake

Ruth Watson’s Bramley Apple Pie

Sage And Apple Pork

Scotch Pancakes with Mapled Apples

Spiced Carrot, Bramley Apple and Lentil Soup

Spicy Bramley Apple and Cranberry Bruschetta

Steven James’ Caramelised Bramley Apples with a Pistachio Financier and Cherry Ripple Ice Cream

Stir-fried Chicken Noodles with Bramley

Stuffed Surprise Bramley Apples

Toffee Apple Crumbles

Tomato and Bramley soup

Trish Hilferty’s Raised Pork & Bramley Apple Pie

Turkey stew with Bramley and pork meatballs and sweet and sour Bramleys

Valentine Warner’s Curried Bramley Apple And Celeriac Soup

Valentine Warner’s Special Baked Bramley Apples

Valentine Warner’s Warm Smoked Mackerel With Bramley Winter Coleslaw

Valentine Warner’s Bramley Apple And Ginger Pie With Lemon Thyme

Valentine Warner’s Crispy Duck Breast, Bramley Apple Sauce With Sage, Roast Potatoes And Watercress

Valentine Warner’s Pork Loin With Bramley Sauerkraut

Viennese Apple Pie

Bramley Apples