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Bramley Apple Pie Week – 20-26th October 2014

The start of autumn brings with it shorter days and colder weather and what better way to welcome the change of the season than with a deliciously warming and comforting Bramley apple pie. This year Bramley Apple Pie Week takes place 20-26 October and is the perfect opportunity to celebrate this classic dish using one of Britain’s favourite ingredients.

For many, a simple apple pie is the ultimate Bramley dish, but the versatile nature of the Bramley means you can also enjoy it in both sweet and savoury pies – flavour combinations such as traditional Bramley apple and blackberry or Bramley apple and Lancashire cheese will get your mouth watering.

Grown only in Britain, the Bramley apple has long been recognised as the best apple for cooking, as it combines a moist, light texture with an outstanding tangy flavour after cooking. Bramley’s low sugar to acid ratio compared with other apples is chiefly responsible for the unrivalled flavour and these attributes result in dishes made with Bramley being in a class of their own, whether sweet or savoury.

You can find dozens of delicious recipe ideas for accomplished chefs or kitchen novices in our recipes section.

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The Bramley is rightly recognised by professional chefs and home cooks alike as the best apple for cooking.

Grown only in Britain, the Bramley’s unique qualities make it one of the most versatile ingredients, equally at home in a savoury stir fry or a traditional apple pie.

Here you will find more than100 different dishes to cook with Bramleys, some taking as little as five minutes. You can also find out more about the history of the Bramley and its health properties and sign up for seasonal inspirations from our monthly e-newsletter.

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